What you should know about dental implants Vancouver

dental implants VancouverGone are the days when the only solution for lost tooth was dentures. Today, dental implants are more of a rage. The reasons are justified too. Dentures are replaceable and come with their own set of problems. You have to keep removing it for cleaning purposes, and attaching it using the adhesive can get quite messy sometimes. On the other hand, dental implants feel like natural teeth. These artificial teeth are implanted in the roots and they look like normal teeth. Hence, there is no hassle of attaching or detaching it, and it looks good too. Given below are some other details about dental implants that you should ideally know, before going ahead with this process.

What actually happens during dental implanting?

Dental implants are basically another option to fill up the gap of missing tooth. It is a surgical procedure. The upper part of this implant looks like a normal tooth and is of almost the same color and texture. In the lower part there is a screw like structure. The dental surgeon places this particular structure into the jaw bone. Hence, this structure becomes the root of the teeth implant. Owing to this, the dental implants feel like real teeth, because they are surgically attached to the jaw and do not need to be removed anymore.

What is checked before dental implanting?

Dental implanting is a surgical procedure. Hence, like every other surgical procedure, some parameters are to be met before going through it. So, first of all a thorough dental checkup is done in other to ensure the number of teeth that would need to be replaced. If there is to be a tooth extraction procedure before the implanting, then accordingly measures need to be taken. Dental implants can be done only if the previous tooth has been completely removed from the roots.

How the dental implanting procedure occurs

Once all the above factors have been checked, it is time to go through the implanting process. You will be ideally asked to eat properly before the surgery, as post surgery you will not be allowed to eat anything for quite a while. A few days before the surgery, you will also be asked to take antibiotics. This is done in order to prevent any possible infection during the surgery procedure. On the day of the surgery, you will first have to rinse your mouth with an anti bacterial mouthwash and then the dental surgeon will administer a dose of local anesthesia in the area where the implanting is to be done. Thereafter, the surgical procedure takes place.

Keeping the implant intact

Once your dental implant surgical procedure is complete, the next step is to keep it well under care. Since it begins to feel like your natural teeth, it should be cared for like your natural teeth. So, brush and floss your teeth regularly and also get frequent dental checkups done, at least once in every six months. All this will ensure the longevity of your dental implant.