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podiatry clinicsMost of the sportsmen suffer from ankle or foot disorders. A podiatrist can help to treat the ankle, foot and related lower limb conditions. A comprehensive podiatry service to assess and treat lower limb disorders is provided by Lefort Podiatry. This podiatry clinic has the best sports podiatrist Forest Hill. Ankle and foot disorders are diagnosed and treated by the dedicated podiatrists of Lefort Podiatry. The podiatrists can help you to lead an enjoyable, healthy and more active life. Diagnosis, rehabilitation, treatment and preventions are the main stages of their Podiatry service.

Some of the services of Lefort Podiatry are given as follows –

  • Shin Splints

The pain which is felt at the front of the lower leg is termed as Shin Splint. Periostitis and chronic exertional compartment syndrome are the two more common disorders like shin splints. A fibrous and strong tissue surrounds the compartments and sections of the muscles in the limbs. The bone is also attached to it by fascia. There is a supply of nerve and blood to every section of the muscles of the limbs. There is an increment of the muscle bulk during exercise. If excessive load or pressure is carried you, there will be a chance of cell death, leakage of fluid from blood vessels and disruption of normal muscle metabolism.

  • Stiff Foot and Ankle Joints

Sometimes you may face stiffness of joints of the ankle and foot that restricts you to move. This happens due to the surgery and injury to the soft tissue structures. When the healing tissues contracts and becomes sticky, it is termed as adhesions. Pain can be caused by the stiff joints and adhesions. Compensatory movements of adjacent joints may be resulted due to the joints that do not move very freely. Foot and ankle pain can be caused by the changes in gait.

  • Foot and ankle stress fractures

The repetitive application of force causes hair line cracks in a bone known as stress fractures. This condition can be caused if you repeatedly jump up and down or run long distances. Stress fractures can also be caused without overuse in bone by osteoporosis. Foot postures, footwear, diet, training surfaces, a rapid change in activity levels and type and other medical conditions can caused a stress fracture. Rest for a period of time, orthotics and footwear changes are prescribed by podiatrists to treat stress fractures.

  • Sweaty Feet

Hyperhidrosis is the medical term of excessive sweating. The feet always become moist or soggy due to the most by the condition of sweaty feet. The resistance of the body to fungal and bacterial skin infection is reduced by the maceration. The feet become smelly due to the breakdown of macerated skin. The most common causes of hyperhidrosis are humidity, heat and vigorous exercise. Consult a podiatrist, so that he or she can diagnose, assess and treat the underlying causes of sweaty feet.

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